Baker's Dozen - Lesson's Learned on the trip to NC

Okay, so me and the girls (Laurien and Persi) put this list together after getting to NC 2 weeks ago. What? It's been 2 weeks? And I still don't have a job! Please pray!

1. Use the Bathroom whenever you get the chance. (Laurien's lesson)
2. Cat puke smells like cat food. Eww!
3. Benadryl "quick" dissolving strips make cats foam at the mouth. Seriously...just give them the pill.
4. Benadryl definitely wears off after 3 hours. (Not great on a 5 hr. car ride)
5. NC has really bumpy roads (at least in certain counties.)
6. There are a lot of churches in NC. 10 churches on the road from Rt. 1 to our apt.
7. It is IMPOSSIBLE to set the cruise control behind a U-Haul.
8. Don't drink too much soda on a 5 hr. drive. (see #1)
9. It's NOT fun to drive on the Nice bridge in the rain (esp. in a U-Haul!)
10. 2 Cats + 1 Crate = A LOT of hissing.
11. Little cats don't like it when big cats lay on them. (more hissing)
12. Don't leave lingerie on hangers b/c strangers just might help you move. A little embarrassing...

Last but not least...

13. Don't leave a box of donuts in the oven...even if it's will forget later, and you will preheat the oven and almost catch the house on fire.


Megan said...

So I decided that Facebook is not enough, I have to stalk you on here... that way we will not be able to lose touch for too long again :-D

Anonymous said...

I love number 13. Did that many of time. However not with doughnuts. I bet that smelled good, until the paper box started cooking.

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