Week One... Almost Done...

Today marks six days since we have made our big move from Millersville, MD to Wake Forest, NC. Our on-campus apartment, though not big by any means, has proven to be quite sufficient for us so far; especially since we've housed eight people here fairly comfortably for the past three nights.

Mary & I, Mary's dad, two girls from our youth group back home, and a good friend of ours got here on Tuesday. After trying three or four apartments before finally finding ours, we started unloading our 26' U-Haul (which was almost completely full) about 4 o'clock. We were fortunate enough to have some new neighbors volunteer to help us out. We got most of the big stuff up Tuesday afternoon, and got the rest of the boxes up on Wednesday morning. Mary's mom and our friend Sharon got here Thursday evening.

Since we're living in the only place on campus that allows pets, we have made several new furry friends. Just about everyone here has a dog or cat. There are also several kids that live in the apartment complex. It's really a nice little community. Everyone left in Mom & Dad's van about 12:30 this afternoon, so now it's just Mary & I, the cats, and lots of boxes. All things considered, I don't think it's going to take long before this starts to feel like our temporary "home." Feel free to drop us a line or stop by on your way through any time!
Here are some moving day pictures for you...


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