It's been a while...

Ok, so it's been a while since one of us has blogged. I bet you think I'm gonna blog about our new house.

No such luck...sorry.

I want to tell you about my new MONEY SAVING PLAN...HOBBY...ADDICTION... yeah that's better.


I'm not sure if it's just a "southern" fad, a soccer mom* thing, or just another phase in life, but SO many people here are couponing. This is more than just heading over to the 'ole walmarts with the current weeks newspaper coupons. There are rules, and specific store policies (because someone always has to push the limits), and all different ways to find coupons. A friend of mine once told me that she "made" money shopping at CVS, and I didn't really understand, but the other day I spent $6 out of pocket (or oop in "coupon lingo") for a ton of stuff.

2 nights ago, I went to Harris Teeter, the expensive grocery store and bought all of this:

for only $9.62!

And I'm just a "beginner."

Of course it may not seem like there are many items in the photo, but let me give you a quick list:

6 pink lady apples
8 cans of Alpo Dog food (makes for a Happy Jack)
2 six packs of Mott's Applesauce
2 four packs of dole parfait cups
4 four packs of dole gel cups
3 four pack of yo-plus yogurt
64 oz. welch's juice
1 herbal essences shampoo
1 herbal essences conditioner

Harris Teeter was having their "super doubles" coupon sale, so this was more than worth the trip just for all the freebies I could snag. The most expensive thing I purchased were the apples @ 2.87.

***WARNING***Here's where I ramble about how I really should've paid less. I know it seems stingy, but dang, I worked hard to put my shopping list together. (Ok, ok, I copied it from here...God bless you Jenny @ Southern Savers... but really, it takes time to print all those coupons, and cutting them out...well let's just say, I think I'm developing some serious scissor calluses.)

Rambling ensues:

To be quite frank, I SHOULD have paid 3.50 less than the total for all of this. It was late when I went...I like it this way, b/c stores are SO empty at 10:00PM (with the exception of nosey soccer moms*.) When I got to the register, only the self-checkouts were open. I checked the items out, counted the amount of each value of the coupons I had, and handed them over. Some of my coupons would not double in their system, and somehow in the mix of things, one $1 coupon didn't even scan. I tried to go over each of the coupons with the gentleman at the checkout (it was REALLY slow, so there weren't any annoyed shoppers in line behind me.) He was so sweet and was about to adjust the incorrect coupons when another employee decided to get in the middle of the situation. She explained why a few of them didn't completely double. I actually had coupons worth more than the product cost and they don't give overages. Okay, no biggie...I was satisfied with her response (hey I'm still new at this,) but there were still a few coupons that I questioned. Some nosy shopper decided she needed to be helpful and explain the store's policy to me while all this was going on. At this point, I was pretty frustrated, so I just paid, but when I got to the car and looked over my receipt, I found the mistakes. I've decided from now on that it's best to avoid the self checkouts because you can't monitor the coupons as they're scanned. Unless of course I'm in Food Lion or Lowe's Foods, b/c I can scan my own there.

Okay, rambling over...maybe tomorrow, I'll tell you about how I spent $.98 on 3 glade oil tins and 1 refill pack at Target! G'night!

*No soccer mom's were harmed (and hopefully non offended) during the writing/reading of this post.

I really CAN do this!

Today was day one of Workout week #3. Adam decided that he was so proud of me for sticking to this so far, that I could get new tennis shoes. Wow...I must REALLY give up on things fast.

Tonight was truly a make or break night though. One of my workout buddies is home in FL for spring break, the other had Upward practice tonight, and a third decided that she couldn't make it b/c of cooking dinner and family drama. At least for a night, I had no girls to go to the gym with. I had a reason to stay home tonight. Instead, I went online and found a link from a friend's blog for Couch to 5K in 2 months. I decided to give week one a try.


Yes, all this and more was going through my mind too. Instead, I went and I got on that treadmill and I did the first day of week one. I did it! I really did! Just when I thought I wouldn't finish, I realized, I was up to 17 minutes and I only had to run for one more minute! That's all...really? I can ABSOLUTELY do this. Guess what? You can too! I'll leave you with this...

This WILL NOT be me!

Workout Day 1

Today was the first day of working out. I seriously can't remember the last time I REALLY worked out. I decided the other day that if I was going to really consider getting in shape again, I needed a buddy. I picked Julie. Then I mentioned something about working out to other friends, Amy and Cassie. I now have 3 buddies to work out with! GIRL POWER!

We get to use the gym equipment as seminary wives, so we went to the Ledford Center and lined up on the treadmills. (Unfortunately Julie couldn't make it. Please pray for her husband's family as Stephen's grandpa passed away. They went home to Alabama for a week.) I think we each walked/ran about 2 miles which is more than I thought we'd do. I'm so proud of myself...I actually jogged a bit. It's so encouraging to have buddies who can push each other.

My goal is to go to the gym at least twice a week, use a yoga video another three days, and take a day off. Adam & I have been following the South Beach diet and lost 30 lbs. each, but the holiday season put some back on. We're back on the diet and I'm exercising, so I'm hoping 30 more lbs. comes off just as fast. Here's hoping! More updates to come, so feel free to push me...I NEED IT!


Snow Storm January 2009

On Monday, the weather forecast said that we were gonna get like 4 inches of snow on Tuesday. Well, I didn't believe it, but sure enough when I woke up Tuesday morning, it was SNOWING!!!!

I dragged Adam outside and we took a walk and I took some pictures. The first are of North Main St. (the historic homes in Wake Forest) and the rest were taken on campus.

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