The Quad's complete...

We've been here almost 3 weeks now and we just finished helping another new student move in. Each apartment building in our little community consists of 4 apartments. 2 downstairs and 2 upstairs. A young, single, girl from Wilmington, DE (woohoo the first "notherner" we've met) just moved into the upstairs apartment next to us. Luckily her truck wasn't so big. That girl sure does like shoes though. Our quad is complete.

Yesterday, I saw a big U-Haul pull in...yes, as big as ours. I started to not feel so bad until we went to help. I found out that the couple moving in had 3 little children (ages 4, 20 mo., and 1 mo.) and had moved from a house on almost an acre of land! They had a reason for renting a 26' truck for sure! I don't think they'll be here long though because they're hoping to be able to move into something bigger for the kids' sake.

We've met so many people so far. We haven't gotten many pictures yet though. It seems awkward to say, "Hey, we want our family and friends back home to know we've actually met people." As soon as we get some pics, I'll post for all to see.

The apartment is coming together. It's a little slow, b/c we're running out of nooks and crannies to put things. Once it's together, I'll post some pics of it as well.

Just wanted to give everyone at home an update. We miss you all, but are extremely excited about orientation on Monday and Tuesday. Then we'll know our class schedules and have ID badges. We'll be REAL students again. Seems strange, but my mom has always joked that my career would be to "be a student."

God Bless!


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