Saying goodbye...

It seems as though one of the worst things that could happen is happening...right now...and I can't do a thing to stop it.

My precious, sweet, loving, caring, GIVING, amazing, strong, feisty, stubborn, (I could go on) Mom-mom is dying.  I spent the better part of last week praying with her, spending precious time with family, and hoping for healing.  I still pray and hope, but at the beginning of next week, she's going home.  Home to the house she's lived in since I was in High School.  Home to a bedroom with a hospital bed and a nurse.  Home to the place where her body is going to wear out.  I know this sounds depressing, but my heart is truly sad.

Her worn out body is full of infection and pneumonia on top of the effects of last week's stroke.  She has a feeding tube in her nose that constantly drips into her stomach.  She's on an IV b/c she cannot swallow or drink.  She's in and out of consciousness.  She knows who is speaking to her and hears what they are saying, but cannot speak in return. 

My hope now rests in the fact that soon she will be free from pain and fear.  We serve an amazing God who saves us from all pain.  Miracles happen daily and I refuse to limit God's ability to save her from this and grant her a full recovery here on Earth, but I also know the reality that life on Earth is mortal.  Eternal life is only by the grace of God. 

Mom-mom, I love you and will continue to hope and pray and honor you the best way that I can.  You are the BEST grandmother a girl could ever ask for.  You have taught me so many things.  One of those things is love.  I pray that I will be able to continue to love as you have.  You never gave up on your family and look at us.  We're finally together again.  I pray we don't lose these bonds that we're re-building.  I promise to do the best that I can to keep us together and to love just as you've taught me how.  And if God decides to heal you?  Well I will praise Him just the same as I will if and when He chooses to to take you HOME!  I love you Mom-mom.


Anonymous said...

What an AWESOME and loving tribute to a very special grandma, Mary! I did not have the privelege to know her for too long, but it was long enough to realize just how special she really is! I am joining with you and your family in prayer to our Heavenly Father, for His will to be done. Lean on Him...His grace is sufficient for ALL things! He will give you the strength to carry you through this time, no matter which way it goes!

Much Love and Continued Prayers,
Momma P+

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