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Okay, so Adam's been updating this pretty well, but I haven't, so I'm just going to post some pictures of some things we've been up to. By the way, praise the LORD I got a job!!! I'm working for ONUG Communications. They are a Christian owned company that stands by it's principles to be governed by Christ. I'm an admin. asst. for a group that is contracted by AT&T. Our group works in an AT&T building close to downtown Raleigh. I have about a 40 minute commute. It's NOWHERE near as bad as it was in MD.

This is Josiah. I babysat him every Friday morning until I started working. He's my little Elmer Fudd...those eyebrows are so expressive.
This is the terminal opening of RDU. Mom & Dad were trying Chili from the new Carolina Ale House. By the way, a lot of the new restaurants are owned by the company I used to work for, HMSHost.This is my Mary Kay director, Audrey. I can't believe I've known her for almost 8 years now. She still looks the same. This product WORKS y'all. We were laughing so hard at Kathy, a newer consultant, who was standing on a chair promising to advance to Red Jacket by the next event, so she didn't have to sleep in the bunk beds. Then Lauren, my upline and mentor, was doing the "Solja Boy" We were in stitches!

Lauren doin "Solja Boy" and Kathy's announcement.
Adam surprised me and took me to see Rodney Atkins at the NC State Fair. It was so awesome. We had seats on the floor and I got to walk up to the stage to take pictures. I so wish we had our new camera then b/c the pictures would have been SO much better. We totally cheated on our diet that night and ate a lot of bad food. It was so good though.The last weekend in October, I drove 3 hrs. to Charlotte, NC to go to Corinna's baby shower. I was priviledged to make her cake, but I spelled Haiden's name wrong. Ooops, wish I'd known. Another friend of hers made the cupcakes. They were so cute and the stands she had displayed them so well.Last weekend, I participated in the Craft and Bake sale at Southeastern. They do this every year so that Seminary wives who have creative gifts can make a little Christmas money. I used the opportunity to try to sell some cards and to get names for potential Mary Kay customers. Well, I only sold one set of cards, but I got 45 names for makeovers. That was definitely worth it since I've decided to pursue my business more intensely.

Wow, I know that was a lot in one blog, but I wanted to at least update you on some of the things I've been doing since we've been here at Southeastern.


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