Mom-mom Update and Week 1 Review

Thank you for you continued prayers for Mom-mom.  The surgery went well yesterday, but they will definitely have to put pins in sometime later this week or next week.  She will also have to have skin grafts done after the next surgery.  She had to have this done after she hurt her leg a few years ago, and it was very painful.  They kept her in the hospital last night.  We'll let you know what happens as we find out more.
In other news, classes went very well this week.  My hardest class by far is going to be Hebrew.  It's not as much difficult as it is a lot of work outside of the classroom.  I worked an extra shift on Saturday (6a - 6p) and spend a good 3-4 hours just reading through the lesson and doing the homework.  I still have some vocab to memorize before Wednesday.  At the same time, even though it's tough, I'm really enjoying it.  I hope I'm still saying that 1/2-way through the semester.  Old Testament and Hermeneutics are just a lot of reading and a few papers.  Not too bad. 
Please continue to pray that Mary finds a job soon.  We seem to be running into a brick wall at every turn.  We know God provides and that His will is perfect, we just hope that He reveals it to us sooner than later.


Luana & Yegor said...

Yegor and I are so sad to read these bad news about Mary's g-ma.. We'll pray for her. And for you guys too.

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