And so we begin...

Good morning!  The time is currently 5:15am as i sit at the security desk at the employee entrance of Eaton's new plant in Youngsville, NC.  The good news is that this job will allow me to get plenty of studying done once classes start on Tuesday.
Speaking of classes, we had "matriculation" this past Tuesday where we officially enrolled in seminary.  My original plan was to take 12 credits hours (4 classes) this semester, but that plan changed when just about EVERYONE we spoke to told me to start with just 9 (3 classes) my first semester and take it from there.  My first semester will include Old Testament I, Hebrew I, and Hermeneutics (Biblical Interpretation).  Should be fun.  Looks like I'll only have one or two big papers to write this semester, which will also be good.
My schedule will be a little unconventional, but I think it will help me to get the most work done outside of class.  Hebrew is Tuesday and Wednesday 12:30-1:50, Old Testament is Tuesday 3:30-6:20pm and Hermeneutics is Tuesday 6:30-9:20pm.  Mary will be taking Hermeneutics with me.  We're looking forward to it as we have never taken a class together before.
Please continue to pray that God would show us the best possibility for Mary's job.  She's waiting on two phone calls hopefully early next week.  We'll keep you posted.


Luana said...

Hi Adam, nice uniform!
We're praying here that Mary will find something very soon.

Take Care,

Luana and Yegor.

Abby's dad said...

Bring the uniform when you come up to visit - we can film some COPS spoofs! 5:15am??? I don't think my clock has that number on it. And what's up with Tuesday's school schedule? CRAZY! We'll keep both of you in our prayers.

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