A phone call and a decision...

I was getting ready for a rousing game of disc golf today when I received a call from a strange number on my cell phone. It took a minute, but I recognized the number as one from the seminary. It was the director of housing.

A few weeks ago Mary and I were weighing the pros and cons of living on campus. The pros were that we'd be in the middle of the campus culture, we'd meet new friends easily, and the price was right. The cons were that it was almost too small, and that we'd still be throwing money away in rent. Since we still hadn't made a decision, we decided to apply for on-campus housing and see what happened. After the application went through, we were told that we would receive a call about a month before our move-in date (7/22 ro 7/23) to confirm that we had a place there. In other words, they may NOT have a place for us today. In the mean-time we decided to continue to look for off-campus rentals and properties for sale.

Fast forward to today's phone call.

Housing Director [speaking with a perfect southern drawl]: Hello! Is this Adam?

Me: Yes it is.

Housing Director: This is Doug Nalley, the director of housing at Southeastern.

Me: Hi there! How are you?

Housing Director: Doing pretty well. Are you and your wife still homeless and looking for somewhere to live?

Me: Why yes, we sure are!

Housing Director: Well I have good news for you. We've got a place for you in the West Oak Apartments. Unit 370E.

So then the question remains... do we take it, or look for something bigger? After some prayer and talking things out, it looks as though we're going to take it. At least temporarily. If things go well and it looks like we'll be able to afford it, we'll probably look for something to buy come November and possibly move over Christmas break or sometime next summer.

For the time being it looks like our new address will be 370E West Oak Ave. Here's what it looks like empty.


jdhtwo said...

Take the rental!

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