Isn't God Amazing?

This is a praise about a girl we met in 2005 when we were in Wales. She is currently serving God in an amazing way over there using sports ministry. We met her when she was in High School. She's now all grown up and married. We thank God for saving her!

This is from Pastor Bob @ Blaenau Gwent Baptist Church where we served in 2005.

We have much to be thankful especially for the way God's hand was upon Nikki, Brandon's Brigade's schools worker.

Yesterday, Saturday, Nikki was involved in a terrible car accident. As she was travelling down one of our high speed roads Her car hit the curb and guard rail and flipped her car on to its roof. As the roof crushed the windshield exploded throwing glass into Nikki's face. She skidded on the roof into the oncoming lane and was hit by another car.

The fire brigade arrived on the scene equipped to cut the occupants from the car. When they look inside they could not see anyone. Nikki had already climbed out of the window and was standing next to the car belonging to the people who hit her after her car flipped. The people said they had just arrived from Canada and were driving slow getting used to the roads. When they hit her car the impact was barely noticed.

We praise God for the way he protected Nikki. It seems like whenever we step out in Faith to serve God as Nikki is Satan comes after us to discourage or try to prevent us from being used by God.

Although the crash was so terrible there were no cuts or marks on Nikki's face where she was pelted by the broken glass. The only injuries she sustained were a few scrapes on her hand and a little soreness today. Our God is Mighty and we thank and praise Him for protecting Nikki.

Nikki's car is the one laying on its roof.

Please Join me in thanking God for His hand of protection.

Pastor Bob


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