Biggest Klutz Ever

I think I just have to be the biggest klutz ever!

Remember when:

  • I got poison ivy the worst of anyone else on our mission trip this summer
  • I got a seed STUCK in my ear and had to have an ENT pull it out

How about the latest?

  • I rolled my ankle in a hole in the parking garage at work. The worst thing is that it's the weirdest injury EVER. I didn't break or sprain it. I loosened the bone fragments in my ankle from a different klutzy fall and the Dr. wants to immobilize the ankle so the fragments won't move around. Who would do that other than me?
  • Oh yeah, last night, my car ran out of gas about 1000 ft. from a gas station. My cell phone was dead, I didn't have a charger for it, and NO ONE would stop! I had to walk to a nearby store and beg the manager to let me use the phone to make a local call because there was no pay phone. Who needs a pay phone when everyone has cell phones now? HA!

Sorry, I just needed to gripe. I know it doesn't do any good and I have no room to complain all things considered. By the way do you know how hard it is to climb stairs with a big plastic boot on your foot?


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