Pittsburgh Project

We returned a week ago from the Pittsburgh Project mission. It was such an amazing week!!! We had the opportunity to move dirt all week! We passed dirt, I mean mud, in buckets up stairs to build a more even path for this couple to get out their front door. A retaining wall had fallen and mud covered the front stairs leading to the house. Who knows how long it's been since they've used the front entrance to their home. We began work on Tuesday and by Wednesday night we had the stairs uncovered. It was awesome to visit with the homeowner and watch him walk up those stairs. On Thursday we moved parts of a tree that had fallen up against the home and got pretty muddy in the rain. We both came home covered in Poison Ivy, but it was totally worth it to be able to serve God along side of some pretty cool Middle Schoolers.


aglolady said...

It was so awesome that you brought "your kids" here to participate in Pittsburgh Project, like you and your youth group did back when you were their age! Dad and I enjoyed joining you and your group for supper and worship service the one night. We also very much enjoyed having you and the kids here for dinner and overnight on Friday before you had to head for home on Sat. morning...it was SO GREAT to have the house filled with kids again! We love you and Mary and are so very proud of all you two are doing to share Jesus with "your kids" and others! Love you! Mom and Dad :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

I remember doing the Pittsburgh Project! Looks like tons of fun! Miss you guys, hit me an email sometime.


Email is the same, how about ya'll

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